You can choose from three different packages, or an introductory 60 Minute MOT session. These prices are a guideline and are open for negotiation on a case by case basis.


60 Minute Brand MOT (Normally £150, introductory offer of just £125)

For brands who feel like they aren’t quite ready to commit to paying a monthly subscription package, I would recommend a 60 minute Brand MOT with me.

I can help you fine tune your messaging, identify your brand USP, suggest improvements to your brand assets and help you put together a plan of action that will ensure you give the best first impression.

The 60 Minute Brand MOT can take place in a meeting room within your shared workspace, in your office, online , or in a quiet café over a coffee.

In under 60 minutes I have offered invaluable advice that has contributed to the success of businesses. After this initial Brand MOT, should you be still be keen to delve deeper, we can then take things one step further and look at a monthly subscription package to suit your brand’s needs.

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1. Bronze Package

(£1.5k p.m)

The Bronze Package is great for Start-Ups or independent businesses who are keen to give PR and marketing a go. This service is for you if your budgets are tight and you are keen to explore a cost-effective entry level way into PR & Marketing.

(Please see below for more details)

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2. Silver Package

(£3k p.m)

The Silver Package is great for medium sized businesses looking to take their brand to the next level, revamping their PR and Marketing. This service is for you if you are an independent or more established brand that sees the true value, investing in good PR and Marketing, with a good return on investment.

(Please see below for more details)

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3. Gold Package

(£4.5k p.m)

The Gold Package is recommended for established brands requiring more hours per month for a wider reach campaign. Those looking to create standout in a market place through quality PR and Marketing. This service is for you if you are a well established brand looking for a proactive campaign to be planned and put in place. Those who require full communications support, brand consultancy and creative ideas, along with a consistent level of effort. When subscribed to this subscription model, you can consider me an extension of your team. One that consults on all aspects of PR, Marketing and Branding.

(Please see below for more details as to what would be involved)

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*to be reviewed every 3 – 12 months

Please find details as follows on the ongoing monthly activity subscription model:

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*subject to a 3 month (quarterly) review

**average over a 12 month engagement with a minimum 3 month commitment