Services - Digital & Email Marketing 

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is what you do online to capture consumers’ attention, facilitate the flow of traffic to your business’ website, acquire subscribers to your email list and gain customers for your products.

What makes digital marketing unique is its measurability, you can always tell exactly how well your digital marketing efforts are paying off.

Digital marketing will help any business grow and succeed, no matter how small an online presence they start with.

I can help you make one goal at a time and help you take the time to get to know your client base. Then I can help you decide what strategies/channels are right for your business.

Services include:

  • Consult on content marketing - e.g a YouTube video, blog, or tweet featured on your website will create content that consumers are actually interested in

  • Attention to detail, ensuring brand message is consistent and engaging across all channels

  • Affiliate Marketing - Teamwork makes the dream work! Bringing in affiliates to create leads and sales for your company means that you pay them on commission, which is decided by you. This means no up front cost!

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is really about building a long term relationship with your subscribers. That kind of relationship-building requires more planning and variety. In return, you'll get better brand recall and customer loyalty. 

Services include:

  • Engagement Emails - emails whose function is for branding and storytelling, rather than directly making a sale. This can include welcome emails, tutorials, expert tips, customer stories, brand stories and re-engagement emails

  • Transactional emails - emails that are relevant to transactions your subscribers have had with your business. Unlike engagement emails, their objective is to initiate or close on a sale. This can include cart abandonment reminders, time-sensitive promotions, receipts emails, sales follow-ups and review requests

  • Tracking and reporting success of email activity