Services - Social Media & Event Management

Social Media:

  • Defining your initial Social Media strategy, to tie in with your overall Brand Strategy

  • Building up day-to day conversational calendar and consult on content that adds value and standouts out

  • Engaging in social listening, identifying trends, opportunities and feedback with recommendations to relevant parties

  • Providing Social Media support at launches and strategic events

  • Paid Social opportunities


Event Management:

The objective in event management is to attract new customers to an event. I will only ever advise on putting together an event if there was real purpose and a need for it. I would never advise on hosting an event for the sake of it, one that wastes your money and everyone’s time.

Services Included:

  • Project managing Project/Product launch events on time, within budget, that meet (and hopefully exceed) expectations, ensuring you are reaching out to your target audience

  • Managing, communicating and developing both supplier and brand partnership relationships

  • Creating an event and venue overview

  • Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to your team

  • Consulting on medical and first aid provision, security, crowd traffic management, risk assessment and emergency procedures